Stealing Myself From Shadows

Welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Every Saturday, those participating post and share six sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction at their blogs. It can be their own. It can be someone else’s. It just needs to be LGBTQ+.

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When I answered a question about last week’s snippet, I said I’d share the next six sentences of Stealing Myself From Shadows this week.

Here they are, right where I left off…

Bold and brilliantly attired in a red jerkin, he strode to the edge of cliff, auburn hair curls sticking to his face in sweaty locks.

Only the Fool on the card didn’t have sweaty, auburn locks. The fool who’d asked me the question did.

Peter smiled at me, raising a hand to fiddle with his already rumpled hair. Preening again.

When had that habit become endearing?

16 thoughts on “Stealing Myself From Shadows

    1. Christopher: Maybe when we were almost eaten by Duessa? (shrugs in a helpless fashion) I’m still trying to figure it out.

      Peter: Heh, need you ask? I’m irresistible!

      Christopher: ….



    1. Thank you! It can be quite subjective…

      Christopher: He’s just said he wants to go in the Shadow Forest. He’s earned the title.

      Me: By that argument, Damian could be the Fool as well.

      Christopher: …


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