A Little Me for Mondays: Something Me-ish for Christopher

Hello, Christopher, here. Welcome to the Navel, wait I’m not at the Navel. Oh, no, I’m not back in the Shadow Forest, am !?

Ah, no, I’m not, what a relief! This Cauldron does remind me a bit of the Shadow Forest at times, something which makes me shiver. This blog functions as a cooking spot for our creatrix’s creativity. Here she shares her ideas, her characters, all of us and our worlds with you. Our stories and snippets of our stories bubble up from this Cauldron, offering you a taste of what’s been, what is, and what’s to come, storywise from K.S. Trenten.

For a while, our creatrix has been sharing my preludes and Peter’s to Stealing Myself From Shadows in a serialized form. We hope you’ve enjoyed them. We certainly haven’t, well, all right, we have. Parts I’ll cherish forever. Others I’m still smarting from, like the last adventure. I doubt Peter remembers it fondly, either.

Peter: (from offstage) It had its moments.

Christopher: (turning a bit red) Ahem, yes. Now that it’s finished, you may not see as much of Peter, Damian, and me. Other characters wish to spend some time at this blog—

Other Characters, Quartz in particular: (from offstage) That’s putting it mildly!

Christopher: Not that we won’t show up fro time to time. The Cauldron will offer something Me-ish on Mondays from one of K.S. Trenten’s many characters’s points of view, offering you insight from the many denizens in her head.

Quartz (from offstage) : Oh, I’ll give you more than insight, shadow boy, if you and your Damian steal center stage at this Cauldron in the coming me moments!

Others (also offstage): And we’ll help…this Cauldron isn’t supposedly to be exclusive Shadow Forest property!

Quartz (from offstage): Not to mention you and the other characters from that world are constantly popping up at the Forbidden Cauldron. It’s time to share!
Others (from offstage): Share! Share!

Christopher: (taking a deep breath) That’s what I’m trying to do…only I’m starting out by taking a moment of Me-ness myself—

Quartz: (sticking his nose out from the stage) I knew it! He’s taking over!

Christopher: Don’t you have a Secondary Character Speak Out blog to finish, Quartz?

Quartz: Arrghh! I almost forgot! (disappears behind the curtain)

Christopher: Yes, I’m starting the cycle of Me-blogs here, but I’m passing this role on to other characters. I thought I’d talk a little bit about the preludes I’ve appeared in, Waiting for Rebirth, Unwilling to Be Yours, and Be My Valentine…Snack.

I found and lost Damian in those preludes. I have no intention of leaving things at that.

Damian is somewhere in the Shadow Forest, even if he’s fragmented as I once was. I’ve got to try and find him. If not him, those fragments.

Christopher’s frail form may be no match for the shadows waiting for me. I’m not sure if this body is real. I’m not sure if I am either, if the ‘me’ speaking to you now isn’t something shaped by Damian’s will and desire.

Do you have any idea how precious it is, being ‘me’? Having a concept of self, an individual identity? To be more than a misty consciousness, floating around, ever chaging, reacting to whatever strong will crosses its path? To be defined by an aching, empty hunger, a yearning which can never be satisfied?

The more time I spend in this form, the more distant my previous existence or lack of one becomes.

How can I abandon the one who gave me this, who awakened me to this state?

I can’t leave Damian. Yes, he chose to open a Door. It was his choice, the fate he accepted.
There’s no way he could have comprehended the consequences of that choice. No one who opens a Door ever does.

I can’t abandon Damian to those consequences if they are of his making. I just can’t.

This means there’s a Door waiting to open for me. Again.

I’m terrified of passing through it, but I can no longer ignore it.




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