Z is for Zenobia

We have a destiny, our royal personage along with every other empress whom takes the name of Zenobia. We must pick up the pieces of our fractured world. We must restore order to it.

We had a dream of defeating the Serpent and saving Ouroboros. We’d tame and wed the Serpent’s Spawn, bending him to our will.

Once we did so, Daeric Nevalyn would fall into our arms. Magdalene would stay by our side, sharing the insight which helped us before we were fool enough to listen to Xian.

Nothing has gone according to our will. Daeric fell into the arms of a former slave called Padraig instead of ours. Magdalene disappeared to whom knows wherre. We were left with only Xian, Nevalyn’s treacherous little pet for support. She stayed with us long enough to steal the chains we’d summoned from the Breath of Ouroboros to bind the Serpent Born. She used the weapons I forged through the Breathe and my own soul to challenge Kalanthia and me, setting up her cursed Unity to gobble up the lands and tribute which should have been ours.

Serena Jasior, what pretentious nonsense! If every ambitious little scholar, kneeling at the feet of a dark lady had ambitions like hers, we’d be up to our ears in treachery.

Come to think of it, we are. Constantly.

We shall not let Serena get away with this. We’ll take her empire, her pretty brother, and knock of her off that imitation throne of hers which is only a pale copy of Kalanthia’s majesty. We’ll seize this Serpent Born she’s taken an interest in, this Kyra, and collar her ourselves.

Xian would have none of these things if not for us. We drove Nevalyn into the Abyss, although we’re not certain if it was our current incarnation. The Serpent’s power belongs to us, not the Serpent’s sniveling handmaiden.

Stupid girl. Does she think we don’t know her true desire? Xian wants to be another Nevalyn. The guise of Serena Jasior, Imperatrix is a step toward becoming Nevalyn Herself.

We want nothing of the sort. We would take the Serpent’s power, transforming it into something better. We would make the world a place of harmony and peace. We would root out the corruption in the Order of Dragon, who’ve become nothing more than the minions of dark lords and slavers in nations outside our dominion.
Serena Jasior is not the savior of the world. We are. We’ll come up with something better. Something truly…pure.


2 thoughts on “Z is for Zenobia

    1. This is the lot of most rulers in history. I fear Zenobia’s isn’t much different in Kalanthia. (wry grin) Thank you for making the journey of Character Blogs along with the denizens of my imagination! I really appreciated you stopping by regularly! (hugs)


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