Be My Valentine…Snack

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Only my characters are currently holed up in this Cauldron on Saturdays for the rest of April, Blogging From AZ, talking about Character Goals.

This leaves Sunday as the only day on the weekend open to continue Snippeteering on while sharing Be My Valentine…Snack.

Picking up right where we left off last Sunday…it’s a little longer than six sentences but only slightly.


“He doesn’t have to demonstrate anything!” Peter balled his hands into fists. “Forget the last challenge, Christopher. It isn’t worth it.” He lowered his head in a half bow. “I was foolish enough to agree to her Valentine. It’s my responsibility to honor my agreement.”


7 thoughts on “Be My Valentine…Snack

  1. Thank you! Be My Valentine…Snack will return to its regular posting times on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday with larger chunks on Monday and Wednesday in May. 😉 Thank you for stopping by!


    1. Peter: (tugging a curl in what he hopes is a becoming way) I’m really a lover, not a fighter.

      Duessa (sighing) You would make an ideal arachnocratic boy…if only some of your attitude would rub off on my nephew.

      Christopher: Would you want Damian to be anything other than he was? Really?

      Duessa: (all of her eyes avoiding his) Well, now, that’s besides the point…

      Christopher: Besides if you truly didn’t think we should fight, why are you issuing this challenge?

      Peter: (looking thoughtful) He’s got a point there…you could have just eaten me. Why are you issuing it?

      Duessa: Tut, tut, spoilers!


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