P is for Peter

Greetings, my lovelies! Welcome to Cauldron!

Ahem, you don’t happen to have any extra limbs, do you? Good, good. Can’t be too careful. I’ve gotten into a bit of trouble in Be My Valentine…Snack by not being careful enough. The bugger of it all was Duessa Ashelocke was supposed to be a charming afternoon of rebound. I had no idea she wanted to devour me literally. Plus, Christopher was being so adorable, getting all upset. I thought I’d actually made him jealous for a change. He’s always doing that to me, after all. Ah, well, at least I know he cares. Cares enough to risk his life for me, in fact.

Yes, that’s touching, but also worrisome. Perhaps I do mean almost as much to him as Damian does. This means he’ll be pulling fool stunts to save me from my stupid self like he just did.

What’s even more worrisome is I’m thinking of pulling another fool stunt of my own.
I can’t replace Damian. Part of Christopher and ‘Brie was lost when he left.

I need to go and find that part even if it means returning a hated rival to the Navel and being out of a job.

Of course that’s not what I really want. What I wished for most of all was for Christopher to fall into my arms. To regard me with the same passion he regards Damian.

Only it’s not the same passion. It’s never the same passion. I can’t replace Damian anymore than Christopher could replace Paul for me.

Why do I keep being attracted to people who break my heart or try to eat me? I seem to have a type and it’s nothing but trouble. Ladies with extra arms and appetites which will leave nothing of me behind. Heartbroken boys whom are fixated on someone or something else than me.

It’s the one thing Paul and Christopher have in common. They look nothing alike, but they’re both always looking away. Why is that so alluring? What’s so seductive about someone who isn’t all there?

I’m starting to feel like some doddering idiot chasing after a beautiful, unattainable boy in a classical relationship. This is a pointless waste of energy and charm. It’s enough to drive a man mad.

Or open a Door to the Shadow Forest if you think about it.



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