M is for Melyssa

Tremble, mortals, for I am Mel!

All right, I suppose that isn’t very impressive. Do I have to mention my actual name? Fine. It’s Melyssa. That name feels soiled with disappointment, a disappointment which could reach into my soul and melt me. This is why I’ve dropped the ‘Lyssa, tried to forgot about her and all the expectations associated with her.

Only I can’t. She keeps whispering to me about her own goals which at times make me blush. Enough about her. I’m here to talk about me, not her.

Huh, I’m in a Cauldron? Have my mother finally decided to cook me in a pot? I sometimes wonder if she might not do so. I’m acutely aware that I’m not the daughter she desires.

No? It’s my creatrix who brought me here? Wants me to talk about my goals, does she? How can she expect such a thing when I’m not even comfortable admitting them to myself?

Fine. All right, one thing I want to do is recover my lost memories. I was at the Temple of Seraphix, but much of my time there was lost. I’m not sure how I ended up in Omphalos in A Godling for Your Thoughts? I remember bits and pieces of the temple. I recall being happy there, studying with the other Sisters of Seraphix. Something happened. I’m not sure what. I sometimes think I recognize the former Sisters among the villagers in Omphalos, but I’m not sure. There was a monster at the temple. I’m afraid of monster. Yes, that’s quite amusing, isn’t it, since I may very well be from a family of monsters. I’m not sure if that family is mine. If only I could remember!

I think I had a cousin with rose colored eyes. I sometimes think I catch his scent in the village, but it belongs to a stranger. I see the faces of my former Sisters, but they no longer recall me. The only thing I’ve been able to hang onto is the God Seraphix.

Seraphix is my salvation. She will show me what my true self is, what she’s supposed to be. I just need to put my trust in Her. Only I keep seeing my cousin in my dreams, shaking his head in warning. I see my former master as well, reminding me that promises that seem too good to be true always are.

Perhaps they’re right. Seraphix offers me hope, hope for a future better than my mother offers. Both the mother I live with and the mother whom haunts my nightmares. If I can escape their influence, their plans of shaping me into a form of their design, I’m willing to accept the god’s aid. I’ve just got to muster enough courage to accept Her hand and change.

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