I is for Isolde

I travel through the lands at Lady Amberwyne’s side. I am her strong right arm, when hers is too delicate to break through the rock and stone which separates us from our goals.

Once she saved me from a life of drudgery in a village, of carrying firewood and brimstone as the bondservant of a witch. Now I’m free to work with my hands as I wish, shaping the rock to my desire.

I don’t want to leave my lady’s side to pursue steady work in one place. I travel with her, often fighting by her side, pursuing my art when I can.

It’s been a good life, if at times perilous. My contentment is marred by strange visions. They happen in another world. I am a maiden in bondage once more, only it’s to a sorceress known as the Game Master.

This Game Master is using her ‘game’ to bind these maidens to her, draining them of their vitality and happiness.

Amberwyne is even more linked than I am to one of these maidens. She begins to doubt if we’re real.

I’m certain this is a trick of this Game Master. In order to defeat her, we must figure a way these maidens can win at her game.
Amberwyne is certain victory lies in getting these girls to discover their inner power, their strength. She particularly wants to help the maiden she’s linked to.

This is all very noble, but my primary concern is Amber. I worry about the intensity of her connection to this maiden. The Game Master may drain her of vitality through her unwilling puppet.

I’d like to help these girls, but we must be cautious and clever. We must not alert the Game Master to what we’re up to. We must be subtle.

If we cannot, if I must choose between protecting Amber and leaving Rhane to her sad fate, I choose Amber. It would sadden me to abandon those maidens, but my lady comes first.

I’ll do whatever I can to avoid having to make such a choice.

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