F is for Fiona

What? Oh, hello, I’m Fiona Hartford, a minor character in A Portrait Is Worth a Thousand Words and an even more minor descendant of Lady Elizabeth Hartford. No, I’m not a scientist or a doctor. I just like wearing white lab coats. Actually, I’m more of a minion to the Lady Elizabeth’s spirit, doing her bidding, until a proper Hartford descendant comes along. One the great lady can truly take over and ride around in. Once that happens, hopefully my lady will be able to rest in peace, leaving me alone. I’m getting tired of her airs and arrogance as if she was still the Lady of Hartford Hall and everything in it. Elizabeth Hartford is dead. The dead should stay silent and not haunt their descendants, expecting them to carry out their orders as if they were servants. I’ve been more than obedient in the hopes of laying the Lady Elizabeth finally to rest. If that doesn’t work, I may have to look into something…now don’t let me spoil the story! You may get a chance to read it yourself. Our creatrix sent A Portrait Is Worth a Thousand Words off to a potential publisher. We’ll see if it gets accepted or not.

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