Be My Valentine…Snack

Welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Every Saturday, those participating share six sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction on their blogs.

They can be their own. They can be someone else’s. They just need to be LGBTQ+.

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For quite some time, I’ve been sharing six sentences of Be My Valentine…Snack, the third prelude to Stealing Myself From Shadows here.

I won’t be able to do that in April because my characters are invading. (wry grin) They’ll be Blogging From AZ, talking in first person about Character Goals. They’ll be here from Monday to Saturday.

I’m not finished with Be My Valentine…Snack, though. I considered simply putting the story on hold until April.

This doesn’t feel like the right course, though. I considered another.

Some Rainbow Snippeteers blog on Sunday instead of Saturday. Maybe I could join them during April.

It would mean Be My Valentine…Snack will come out in trickles, six sentences at a time every Sunday for a month.

At the same time, everyone who stops by while participating in Rainbow Snippets would get to keep up with the story.

I’ve decided to do that. So this will be the last Saturday for a while, Snippeteers, until I return on Sunday. 🙂


“Ah, but was that a kiss of true love?”

Duessa materialized several feet away from us. She wore a different gown, a sleek, tapering split of red and back down her torso. It was slit down the sides for her arms. Each sported a black or a red glove with either a heart or a spade.

“You’ll need it to be cured.”


21 thoughts on “Be My Valentine…Snack

  1. Oh, joy! I’ll have to follow you daily now. I’ve decided to skip the blog challenge in favor of Camp NaNo. I’ve done both in past, but the time Investment for A-Z on top of all the blogs I follow weekly now as a result of past Aprils seemed too daunting. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. And Happy Writing!

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  2. Aww, thank you! (blushes) I’ll miss you during the Blogging From AZ…you had some amazingly creative and brilliant themes for your blog! I completely understand it being too much with Camp and everything else going on in April. Good luck!


    1. She does her best…and her worst.

      Duessa: I do, dear scribbler, but those hearts and spades were a bit out of the blue. I’m not ‘Brie, dear. I’d like an explanation of why I’m wearing such a thing.

      Me: Like you always explain your motivations to me.

      Duessa: Tut, tut, you should understand them or at least foreshadow them a bit more. Try not to be so sloppy, dear.

      Me: …

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  3. I gave up on the A-Z some years back. Doing Camp Nano this year and that’s hectic enough. Maybe I’ll join next year.
    And that’s one heck of an outfit Duessa’s wearing. Where is she getting them all?

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    1. It’s entirely possible Una designs them, another little service she does for her mistress to make Duessa let her guard down. Una does not have Duessa’s best interests in heart as you’ll see if you stick around for U is for Una. (wry grin)

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    1. Ariadne: We appreciate the attention. In truth, those two spend far too much time in this Cauldron, leaving scant time for the rest of us. (pointed look at Peter and Christopher)

      Peter: (preen) No need for envy, my lovely. There’s plenty of this luscious body to go around.

      Christopher: Haven’t you learned anything in Be My Valentine…Snack?

      Peter: That you want me.

      Christopher: …

      Peter: Sort of. At this point, I’ll take whatever crumbs of affection you’re willing to drop.

      Christopher: (looks guilty)


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