Be My Valentine…Snack

Welcome to #QueerBlogWed, a time to share a touch of the rainbow on our blogs.

Perfect timing, considering what’s about to happen in Be My Valentine…Snack, which picks up right where it left off on Me Me Monday…


“I’ve got to break free of him,” I clung to Peter, wishing I could will more strength to the only ally I had in this place. “If I had some other energy, I could fight-”

My sentence was cut off by Peter’s lips locking themselves onto mine in a brutal kiss.

Power, hot, sharp, and lovely rushed into my mouth, my face, tingling its way down my neck, my chest, and my pelvis.

I should have backed away. I should have pushed him away.

Peter’s lips tasted warm and sweet.

My entire body tingled with energy, almost bursting with it.

I dropped my stick. It clattered, as it hit the floor.

Peter broke away, allowing me to breathe

“Is that enough?” He winked at me, brown eye bright with flirtatious mischief.

I didn’t know whether to punch him or kiss him again.

Power pulsed through me, mingling with my own power. It rushed down the link towards Valentine.

“No!” ‘Valentine’ snarled, struggling against the energy. The yellow green of his own flaring against it. “I won’t share! Not with you!” He curled his wasted lips in disgust.

“You’re not exactly my type, either,” Peter drawled, giving Valentine a once over. “However, my boy here needed a little pick me up, which you clearly weren’t giving him.”

“Your boy?” The yellow green energy dimmed. Valentine looked from Peter to me. “This foolish little hero is your beloved?”

Much as I disliked being called a foolish little hero, I decided to leave it be.

The others hesitated, pausing in their sinister shuffle while Valentine waited for Peter’s answer.

“Well, this is the first encouragement I’ve ever gotten from him.” Peter gave me a sideways glance and a graceful little shrug. “A lover who is truly devoted, however, does not give up easily.”

“A lover who is truly devoted does not give up easily,” Valentine repeated. His entire face softened, cheeks regaining a measure of fullness. “You love this boy, not the Lady Duessa, then.”

Oh, be careful what you say, I thought.

Valentine’s jealous energy had diminished, but it could flare up again. It might, if Peter said the wrong thing about Duessa.

“I’ll admit the lady’s kiss is overwhelming.” Peter tried to make a gallant little bow, but only managed to bob his head. “I confess, though, that my main reason for saying yes to her was to make Christopher jealous.”

Oh, that was a good one! I thought, careful not to say it out loud.

The yellow green energy was diminishing, like a dying flame.

“You shouldn’t play games like that,” Valentine chided, but he was no longer angry. His eyes dimmed, no longer seeing.

He sank to his knees. Every other Valentine drooped with him.

“You should be honest with the one…you…love.”

With those words, Valentine slid onto his side. Every other Valentine collapsed.

None of them moved.

“Well done.” Duessa no longer sounded amused. “I didn’t think you’d realize Peter was carrying his own cure.”

I almost asked what she meant before thinking better of it. Duessa believed I’d met her second challenge. This was good.

I just had no idea how I’d done it.

“A kiss is a way of breaking many an enchantment.” Peter lifted his chin with a measure of defiance.

I almost wept with relief to see it.

“Not to mention a fast way to exchange energy.” Peter offered me another little sideways glance.

He was right.

Peter had figured out how to overcome the challenge. He’d saved both of us.

Impressive. Not to mention embarrassing since I was the one who was supposed to be rescuing him.

“And you accuse me of being the one who likes being a hero.” I felt a slight grin tug at the corner of my mouth, in spite of myself.
Peter winked at me, his lips twitching with a repressed smile.

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