Be My Valentine…Snack

Welcome to #QueerBlogWed, a time to share a touch of the rainbow on our blogs.

It’s also time for Christopher to continue talking to one of Duessa’s valentines in order to find Peter. The energy he gave to the young man turns out to have unexpected consequences…


“I’m looking for someone in the web.” I forced myself to focus, leaning against the cocoon. “You’re part of the web. Will you help me find him?”

“Someone in the web?” ‘Valentine’’s voice got a little stronger. “My lady has collected another valentine?” Jealousy laced every word, dripping through the strands wrapping him in place.

“She has.” I made my voice as gentle and persuasive as possible. “She won’t be able to keep him. Not if I can find him and take him away.”

“Yes! Take him away!” Anger steamed within the cocoon strengthened by our shared warm. It seeped into my hand with renewed energy. “Take them all away!”

The web dripped, splattering on the tile below. Each cocoon dissolved, melting before my eyes.

Each cocoon fell the floor, releasing the wasted looking youths inside them.

Some of them didn’t get up. Some of them just lay upon the black and white tiles.

I searched the listless figures, focusing upon the healthiest, least wrinkled and wasted looking of them all.

Peter shook out his auburn curls, showing more awareness than he had during the entire walk to Duessa’s lair. He widened his eyes at the sight of his companions, darting an almost terrified gaze over their brittle strands of hair and pale, wrinkled skin.

I ran over to Peter and offered him a hand.

Peter studied my fingers, blinking with an almost terrifed innocence.

I wondered if I had looked the same to Damian when he first offered me his hand. After all that had happened, what would be the consequences of accepting anything from another.

Like Damian, I waited. I simply stood there with my hand extended.

Peter reached out to take it. He pulled himself up, almost dragging me to the floor with his desperate strength. He managed to stand, even though he swayed as he stood.



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