Be My Valentine…Snack

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Every Saturday, those participating post and share six sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction on their blogs. It might be their own. It might be someone else’s. It just needs to be LGBTQ+.

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For mine, Christopher will be picking up where he left off on #QueerBlogWed, discovering what he’s capable of in the Shadow Forest, even while in Duessa Ashelocke’s Place of Power…


I took a deep breath, sucked in the cold air. It tasted like dead things.

I gazed at one of the cocoons. A faint, rosy hue pulsed within its whiteness, making it tremble.

This particular Valentine had power, but it was fading. After all, Duessa had been feeding upon his blood, his life force. Perhaps even on his memories.

13 thoughts on “Be My Valentine…Snack

  1. Wow, this whole snippet is just incredible. “I took a deep breath, sucked in the cold air. It tasted like dead things.” That’s amazing writing. It packs such a big punch in such a few words. And then the part of the Valentine (I presume a person) inside a cocoon. So sad and frightening.

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    1. Christopher: I’d really like, too, believe me. (pointed look at Peter)

      Peter: All right, I’ll admit it. I have tragic, if not plain doomed romantic sensibilities. Everyone I want either wants someone else, wants to eat me, or both. (heaves a huge sigh)

      Christopher: (looks a bit guilty)

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