Be My Valentine…Snack

It’s #QueerBlogWed, a day to celebrate a touch of the rainbow on our blogs.

Christopher doesn’t feel like celebrating, but he is more than ready to fight. He picks up where he left off on Monday in ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’.


I released my fury in a hot burst.

A crimson purple flame streaked out of me, almost knocking me backwards.

I stood my ground, holding onto the manifestation, the shape. This was still the Shadow Forest, even if it was Duessa’s Place of Power.

This was my anger, not hers.

I willed blue ice around the red, willing it into the shape of a sword. The shadows were shaped in my hand, as I grasped…

…a stick. A sharp, icicle shaped stick, with a hint of red inside.

I flushed, feeling a bit ashamed.

“Very good.” Duessa nodded in approval. “You can shape reality in my lair. Not everyone can do that.” Ah, but there was a glint in one of her rose colored eyes, a mocking humor I’d seen countless times in her nephew’s. “Only do you know what to do with that stick of yours?”

“We’ll see.” I tried to sound more confident than I felt.

A stick. I’d tried to will a sword into existence. I’d gotten a stick.

At least it looked sharp at one end.

I swung it at one of the strands of web, holding one of the heart-shaped cocoons.

The stick bounced against the springy softness of the web.

“At least, it didn’t get stuck!” Duessa pointed out cheerfully. “Your hand would, if you touched the web.”

My hand. I looked down at my chilled fingers, clutching the staff. Each digit felt like it was sealed in ice, unable to move.

No. This was the Shadow Forest. Things could change, if I willed it.

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