Be My Valentine…Snack

It’s Me Me Monday! A time to promote, strut, and celebrate one’s Me-ness!

Christopher isn’t feeling much like celebrating after Peter chose to go off with Duessa Ashelocke in ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’.

He’s chased after them and is trying to plead with Duessa to let Peter go.

Peter isn’t happy about this at all.


Peter seemed completely oblivious to the menace. He was too busy glaring at me.

“What’s it to you, if I go with her?” he demanded. He took a step forward. Peter was only a little taller than me, but his anger made him swell, grow bigger. It was enough to make anyone shrink back. “What right do you have to say anything about it?”

“I don’t-” I began to explain, but he wouldn’t let me finish.

“That’s right, you don’t!” He raised his voice, unconcerned by the attention we were drawing.

Juno came a little closer, watery grey eyes darting from Peter to me. She raised her pudgy hands to her twitching lips.

Peter didn’t even notice. He waved his arms, shaking free of Duessa’s grasp.

Too surprised to stop him, Duessa blinked at her distracted prey.
His temper lost, Peter ignored his date. “From the moment I first laid eyes upon you, you’ve wanted nothing to do with me! Why the change of heart?”

“Because you don’t understand what being this lady’s Valentine means!” I cried.

More heads to turned to stare at me. A crowd was gathering around us, watching the show.

This wasn’t good. I didn’t want to say too much in front of so many people. “Peter, please don’t do this.”

“I see,” Peter shook his head, slowly. He looked me up and down, a slow smile spreading across his face in a twisted play of angry lips. “Don’t like it when other people play hard to get, do you?”

“What?” I dropped my jaw. “No, that’s not it! You know very well I don’t feel that way about you-”

“Well, someone else does!” A shudder ran through Peter’s body. He swallowed, doing his best to gather his dignity before turning back to Duessa.

Peter took one of her hands and raised it to his lips.

Duessa allowed her hand to be taken, shooting a sidelong glance of triumph.

“It’s a bit too crowed here.” Peter bowed to the lady, keeping hold of her hand. “I suggest we go somewhere more private.”

“There, you see? My new Valentine wants to go with me.” Duessa smiled with coy delight, watching me out of the corner of her eye. “You do respect his free will, don’t you, my delectable?”

With that question, I realized I had a chance to persuade her to let Peter go. Or at least live.


To be continued on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day! Along with #QueerBlogWed…


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