Be My Valentine…Snack

It’s now #QueerBlogWed, time to share and bring a taste of the rainbow to our blogs.

My own offering is the next part of ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’, the third prelude to ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’.

‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’ is my novel under revision, the first in a series inspired by Tarot card imagery. This series is part of a collection of ambient fantasy stories known as ‘Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest’.

‘Be My Valentine…Snack’ picks right where it left off with Christopher trying to save Christopher’s from Duessa’s hungry clutches…


“Christopher, wait!” Gabrielle cried, but it was too late.

I pulled open the door, making the nearby chimes ring. This signalled my exit from the Navel and Gabrielle’s Place of Power.

I stepped out onto the street, feeling a rush of freedom at standing on a road. The particular path belonged to everyone in Omphalos, including me.

Alas, there was no time to savor the feeling.

I stared at the people on the street, searching for Peter and Duessa.

The tall, distinctive form of Damian’s aunt stood out with her black, high necked blouse, full skirts, and extra limbs stretching out from her torso.

One of them was wrapped around Peter’s bright red vest, keeping him at her side.

“Wait!” I cried.

Other people paused in their walk, turned around to look at me. Most of them kept on walking after a glance.

A plump, familiar looking woman in a floral blouse and skirt stopped, opening her mouth to greet me.

“I’m sorry, Juno!” I waved at one of the Navel’s regulars and did my best to smile. “I’ve got to catch up with someone!”
I dashed down the street after Duessa and Peter. “Wait!”

“Yes?” Duessa turned around, slowing down, until Peter forced her to stop. He eyed me in a decidedly unfriendly fashion, letting his displeasure show.

After all, I was ruining his date.

I certainly hoped I was.


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