Be My Valentine…Snack

It’s Me Me Monday! A day to promote, strut, and celebrate your Me-ness!

Only today it’s the Navel, showing off its weirdness through Christopher’s eyes in the next part of ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’.


A grinning weasel dressed in ritual robes gestured with a paw toward a closed wardrobe. The wardrobe in question was carved with chubby cheeked demons serving figs to an enormous winged carrot. The same angelic vegetable appeared here and there amidst the chicken deities, often with a cringing rabbit chained to its side.

I made a practice of collecting myths and legends, but I had no idea what half of the carvings and statuettes in the Navel were from.

This was only the beginning of the bizarreness one could find in the Navel.

Certain objects had a way of appearing whenever a particular customer came in. The item might be as innocuous as a candle or as striking as a doll dressed in brightly colored silks. Whatever it was, the customer found herself drawn toward the object, unable to walk out of the store without it.

This was what made the Navel unlike any shop I could remember. Over time, I’d come to accept it without question.


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