Be My Valentine…Snack

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Duessa continues to press her strange suit to her nephew’s former admirer, an action that alarms and irritates Christopher.

She picks up where she left off on Wednesday in ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’.


“Why reject me?” Duessa lifted the rose to her lips. “I could keep you in far greater splendor than Gabrielle does. You could quit working in this absurd monstrosity of a shop.”

Duessa infused as much contempt into the word ‘shop’ as she could channel into it.

She bestowed a withering gaze upon the metal chicken gods, the ritual ropes embroidered with smiley faces, and the grinning goddess with a hen’s head, exposing a feathery thigh from the ruffled folds of a fluffy skirt.

Well, ‘Brie did refer to the Navel as ‘the center of all things bizarre’. My mother did her best to see that her shop lived up to its catch phrase.

To be continued on Monday…


20 thoughts on “Be My Valentine…Snack

  1. Thank you!

    Gabrielle: (with another sweeping bow) Feel free to stop by at any time you like…you’re under my protection for as long as you’re under my roof.

    (Damian’s voice comes from far away “It’s when you step outside that you’re in trouble…”)



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