Unwilling to Be Yours

It’s QueerBlogWed, a time of queer writing and posting in various shapes and forms.

One of those shapes is Peter’s ongoing story, which appears in segments every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

It’s called Unwilling to Be Yours. It’s the second of three of preludes to Stealing Myself From Shadows, my novel under revision, which I’m posting.

The first prelude was Waiting for Rebirth. The third will be Be My Valentine…Snack.

Stealing Myself From Shadows is the first in a series of novels I call Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest, an ambient fantasy inspired by tarot card imagery.

Have a taste and see if you enjoy it…


I picked up the painting with much steadier hands.

Gabrielle released me. She walked ahead of me to open the Navel’s door for me. Ignoring the icky sensation clinging to my fingers, I carried ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ out the door.

It was a little better beyond the walls of the Navel. The fresh air, the bustling presence of other people made some of the ickiness go away.

I started walking down the road, as quickly as possible. I realized I was moving with a purpose, even though I had no fixed idea of where I’d take ‘Waiting for Rebirth’.

I headed towards the gate, which opened into the garden, which all the residents of Omphalos shared. I myself had visited to pick its fruit from the trees and admire the flowers.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with the painting there. Bury it beneath a rose bush? Hide it in the gazebo?

The gazebo. It seemed like the perfect place to put it.

My stride quickened.

A few people turned to look at me, but no one spoke.

One of them was Juno. She waved at me, yet didn’t block my path in an attempt to engage me in conversation. She watched me approach the gate, before hurrying down the road herself.

Now that was out of character…and worrisome.

I needed to hurry and get rid of the painting. I had a bad feeling obstacles were going to start manifesting to stop me from doing this, if I lingered anywhere with this cursed canvas for too long.

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