Unwilling to Be Yours

Welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Every Saturday, six sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction are posted and shared. They can be your own. They can be someone else’s. They just need to be LGBTQ+.

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I’m picking up right where I left off on Wednesday (QueerBlogWed) in Unwilling to Be Yours.

Unwilling to Be Yours is the second prelude to Stealing Myself From Shadows, the first novel in my Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest I plan to publish and sell. (Revising Stealing Myself From Shadows is my NaNoWriMo project.)

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, I post part of one of these preludes. The first I did was Waiting for Rebirth. The second is Unwilling to Be Yours (which I’m sharing in segments right now). The last is Be My Valentine…Snack.

Gabrielle just told Peter to get rid of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, a request he’s more than happy to comply with. Alas, it’s not proving as easy as he’d hoped…


“I don’t know what Christopher sees in you,” I growled.

Touching the painting’s frame was like burying your hands in a particularly disgusting goo. I could see nothing clinging to my hands, but my skin was crawling.

“You’re the most repulsive thing I’ve had the misfortune to encounter.” It took every bit of strength to allow my fingers to find enough traction in the frame to move the entire picture.

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