Unwilling to Be Yours

It’s QueerBlogWed, a day in which our queerness comes out to play and express itself in various forms on our blogs.

Mine manifests in the second prelude to Stealing Myself From Shadows, an ongoing story called Unwilling to Be Yours, told from Peter’s perspective. It’s one of the many stories which are a part of my Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest.

Some are novels I’m working on, trying to publish and sell.

Some are freebie stories I offer up at my Cauldrons (blogs) like this one.

Gabrielle just asked Peter to get rid of Damian’s painting, ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. It’s a request he’s more than happy to grant…


I walked towards the painting. It was still just streaks on a canvas, but I could almost see all the white bits, gleaming with hostile intent.

Daring me to come too close.

I didn’t want to touch it. ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ was dangerous, ugly, and didn’t like me.

It wanted to take Christopher from me.

I had already told Gabrielle I’d get rid of the painting. We needed to get this thing away from Christopher.

Gritting my teeth and half closing my eyes, I reached out to grab the silver metal frame bordering its sides.

A sharp, stinging sensation attacked both of my fingers. My stomach rolled over in a nauseating lurch.

Something hissed in my ears. I realized the hiss was an unpleasant laugh.

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