Unwilling to Be Yours

It’s Me Me Monday! A day to promote, strut, and celebrate your Me-ness!

Only Christopher isn’t feeling much like celebrating in the next part of Unwilling to Be Yours.

This second prelude to Stealing Myself From Shadows appears on Mondays (Me Me Monday), Wednesdays (QueerBlogWed), and Saturdays (Rainbow Snippets).

Stealing Myself From Shadows is the first book in my Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest. It’s currently under revision (I’m working on it as my NaNoWriMo project).


The light flickered out.

‘Waiting for Rebirth’ was just a painting, again.

‘Brie let out a sigh of relief. Her power calmed, like a wave breaking up. It flowed throughout the store.

The tension leaving the air drew the tension out of me in turn. I echoed ‘Brie’s sigh, relaxing every muscle.

Christopher looked down at my fingers. Gleaming specks glittered with his pupils, giving them an angry glow.

He wrenched his own arm free, shoving me away from him. “Why did you pull me back?”

“What?” I stared at him. “That thing was about to grab you!”

I glanced over at Gabrielle. There was no anger in her face, just a resigned sympathy. “I couldn’t let that happen!”

“That thing was Damian!” Christopher cried. Tears were leaking out of his purple eyes, as he glared at me. “He was reaching out his hand to me, until you banished it!”

“What?” I looked back at the painting.

The white streaks were nothing more than streaks of paint now.

“Nobody was reaching out his hand, Christopher.” I put every bit of conviction I could manage into my words. “That painting was trying to trick you.”

All right, that might be a lie. Whatever reached out from ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ could have come for Christopher.

All the more reason to deny it. If Damian was beckoning Christopher from some sinister place beyond the Door, I wasn’t about to assist him.


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