Unwilling to Be Yours

Welcome to QueerBlogWed! Every Wednesday, I try to blog about something queer here at the Cauldron. The Navel and its denizens qualify in more ways than one.

Peter picks up right where he left off on Monday, asking about the disappearance of Damian, who worked in the Navel before him. Not that it was an ordinary disappearance…


“What exactly happened to him?” I asked, changing the subject. If they didn’t want to discuss the Perfect Prick’s ‘wish’, I wasn’t going to ask. “Did he leave, after finishing the painting?”

“He disappeared,” Gabrielle said with a scowl. “Literally.”

“Into the painting,” Christopher whispered. He looked up from his feet to fix his heartbroken stare upon the canvas. “He disappeared, when the painting began to glow. Damian was glowing, too.”

Definitely too much magic for me.

“I see,” I said, trying to hide my profound discomfort. “You both actually saw this?”

Christopher didn’t speak. His head drooped, in what might have been a nod, or just a droop.

“Yes,” Gabrielle said. A tiny frown wrinkled the center of her forehead. “We were standing here, exactly where we are now, when the painting began to glow.”

As if the response to what we were saying, the white parts of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ gleamed, almost pulsed.


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