Fairest Reborn

Today is Promotional Friday at Queeromance on Facebook.

I’m not a romance writer per se, although my f/f fantasy fairy tale qualifies as one.  It’s been a while since it’s had a chance to show off at this Cauldron.

Soon Fairest will be reborn in Nine Star Press’s Once Upon a Rainbow anthology, a collection of LGBTQ+ fairy tales.

I’ve revised my story without disturbing the essential content, polishing it up a bit.

All of my characters have names now, including my princess narrator. I’m quite proud of my choice. After all, a Rose should go with a Briar. 🙂

The ‘good witch’ is now Oriana. The King and Queen are Edwin and Thea.

My seven dwarves (including the mouthy dead one) are Quartz, Opal, Onyx, Sardonyx, Agate, Jasper, and Garnet. Yes, I’ve named them after rocks. This differentiates them from the Disney dwarves, giving them a separate identity and character in my head.

Not that Quartz needed one. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fairest Reborn

  1. It’s definitely a stone, related to Onyx. I did a little research on this (even bought a book on gemstones I’m still reading). Onyx, sardonyx, and agate are all varieties of oxide mineral chalcedony. The close relationship of these three stones made me feel like they were good names for three brothers. 🙂


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