Unwilling to Be Yours

Welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Every Saturday, six sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction is posted and shared. They can be your own. They can be someone else’s. They just need to be LGBTQ+.

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For mine, Peter picks off where he left off on Wednesday, meeting Juno, one of the Navel’s regulars. This is a little longer than six sentences, but it didn’t make as much sense, clipped shorter.

Some of the teas she requested had a delightful whiff of something almost like bergamot. I’d feel myself tearing up, remembering Paul’s graceful hands lifting a pot in his little garden refuge.

No, I’d tell myself. Don’t remember that.

Not that I needed to worry about it too often. Many of teas Juno asked me for smelled like something decayed and molding.

“They’re for my husband.” Juno would offer me a dimpled smile. “His eyes are always wandering, but if I give him a cup of the Navel’s tea, he becomes too drowsy to get frisky.”

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