Unwilling to Be Yours

Welcome to Rainbow Snippets! Even though I’m not actually here for Rainbow Snippets. I still thought I’d offer up six sentences of LGBTQ+ fiction in honor of the day.

This is a tradition which is practiced every Saturday (or Sunday). The six sentences can be your own. They can be someone else’s. They just need to be LGBTQ+

To check out a wide variety of samples, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/?ref=group_header

Peter picks up right where he left off on Wednesday in my absence in Unwilling to Be Yours…


“Damian had this way of just getting Christopher to smile, no matter how scared or shy he felt.” She delivered this personal tidbit with a hearty casualness.

Christopher froze with a small, pink stone in his hand, but he didn’t turn his head or respond to her words. His lips trembled, while tension knotted his smooth, white forehead.

“I don’t know how he did it.” The delivery woman lowered her voice, shaking her head.

I nodded, keeping one eye fixed upon the boy, determined to ignore our attention.


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