Unwilling to Be Yours

Welcome to #QueerBlogWed! It’s a day to blog and post about all things queer.

Unwilling to Be Yours qualifies in more senses than one. It’s the second prelude to Stealing Myself From Shadows, my novel under revision.

Stealing Myself From Shadows is the first book in my Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest series. In truth,  it’s growing into a collection of stories (including the freebies which appear at the Cauldron), involving certain characters and a mythos inspired by Tarot card imagery.

I plan to publish and sell the novels, beginning with Stealing Myself From Shadows. I offer these freebie stories and preludes in the hopes of drawing you, dear reader into their world. 🙂

Unwilling to Be Yours picks up where it left off on Monday with Peter accomplishing his first challenge, satisfying a difficult Navel customer.

Peter’s actions appear to have pleased ‘Brie. Or perhaps she simply likes the payment offered up by this customer. 🙂


‘Brie’s eyes gleamed with an unfeigned eagerness. She lifted the goblet, admiring it from every angle.

One would think it was made of pure gold. I wasn’t sure what was worth the greed.

“I knew you’d think so.” The strange girl allowed her face to relax into amusement, at the sight of Gabrielle fondling the cup. “Until next time.”

With those parting words, my first customer strolled towards the door. The chimes around the door tingled, as she opened it, departing the way she came.

“Well done.” Christopher bowed his head slightly at me in respect. “I guess you are the right kind of bizarre.”

It seemed I was, even though I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened.

Christopher’s irises darkened, becoming more blue. What might have been a smile played upon his small mouth.

The weirdness had been worth it.

“Welcome again, Peter.” Gabrielle turned to me, still holding the cup. She offered me an approving nod. “I think you’ll work out just fine.”

Hopefully I would. Hopefully, the paycheck I’d be getting wouldn’t be as bizarre as everything else around this store.





One thought on “Unwilling to Be Yours

  1. Peter: I’m still not sure exactly what I did.

    ‘Brie: Exactly! (beam with pride) That’s what makes this place weird.

    Peter: (raises an eyebrow)

    Christopher: (murmurs to himself as much as Peter) Now you’re truly starting to act like Damian’s replacement. He did the exact same thing whenever ‘Brie talked about the Navel’s weirdness.


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