Unwilling to Be Yours

Welcome to Me Me Monday! A day to strut, promote, and celebrate your Me-ness! Especially if you’re a member of Queer Sci Fi.

Peter is going to do his best to strut his in the next part of Unwilling to Be Yours, prelude to Stealing Myself From Shadows. He’s just met his potential boss, Gabrielle, plus he’s fighting off irresistible attraction to the boss’s son.

Never sleep with the boss’s daughter is an old adage, but what about the boss’s son? Not that Christopher is inclined to let Peter get that close to him.

Ah, so his name is Christopher. I watched him approach, wishing I could repeat his name, let it roll around on my tongue, taste it.

I felt my lips twitch with the urge to speak, but I didn’t.

He bowed his head, keeping his eyes downcast, avoiding mine or Gabrielle’s.

“Pleased to meet you, Peter.” It was an attempt at politeness, but I could tell he didn’t mean a word of it.

“The pleasure is all mine.” I used my most silky tone. Paul had called it my just before bedroom voice. Not too obviously provocative, but with just a hint of suggestion.

I sidled up to Christopher and claimed his hand.

Before he could protest, I raised his hand to my lips and kissed it.

“O ho, you rogue!” Gabrielle scolded, not entirely without approval. “Keep your lips off my son, if you wish to stay here!”

Christopher jerked his hand back.

He glared at me, eyes widening, lower lip quivering with outrage.

It was enough to make any self respecting pervert want to ravage him.

Fortunately, I’m a gentlemanly pervert.

I dropped his hand and backed away.

“Forgive me.” I watched Christopher from beneath lowered eyelashes.

The crimson blooming in both his cheeks reminded me of apples. You just had to take a bite out of them.

“I admit, I have a bad tendency towards roguery, but I promise to keep my lips to myself.” I made a slight half step back, giving him additional space.

He stared at me with huge eyes and trembling lips. So deliciously shy.

All right, I was trying to be a gentlemanly pervert. I turned back on temptation and towards my future employer.

I bowed to Gabrielle, allowing myself to go a little lower. After all, she was the one I wanted to impress, not Christopher.

Christopher was just, well, desirable, for all his desire not to be.

Gabrielle smiled at me, lips twitched, trying to contain her amusement. Hardly the swooning response I’d hoped for from the lady, but at least she was entertained.

“You can keep your lips and your roguery away along with your hands!” Christopher growled, trying to keep his tongue from tripping over itself in anxiety. “I’m not interested in that sort of thing!”

He pressed his lips shut and wrapped his arms around himself. He stared at the floorboard, clearly wishing they’d swallow him

This made me feel a little guilty. If he was that unwilling, teasing him wouldn’t be much fun.


One thought on “Unwilling to Be Yours

  1. Christopher: Why do I keep getting molested in this prelude?

    Peter: Because you’re irresistible? (batting his eyelashes)

    Christopher: Damian, help…

    Damian is in the Shadow Forest right now. He can’t help anyone, including himself.

    Christopher: (sinks into gloomy silence)

    Peter: (turning a baleful eye on me) You had to mention that, didn’t you?


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