Unwilling to Be Yours

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I’m beginning the second prelude to my Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest today, introducing a new character, Peter. Unwilling to Be Yours is written from his perspective. As with Waiting for Rebirth, Unwilling to Be Yours will be posted in segments on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

There’s a job vacancy at the Navel. Peter shows up to fill it. Gabrielle is willing to give the new boy a chance. Christopher is not. Peter would like to change Christopher’s mind, but how can he compete with Damian’s ghost? Especially when Christopher is convinced that Damian is coming back. Especially when Peter himself begins to wonder if Damian isn’t manipulating things in the Navel from beyond the Door. After all, that Door, ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ still hangs upon the Navel’s wall.

I’m exceeding six sentences, truly pushing it with nine. I hope you’ll forgive me. (bows apologetically) I wanted to introduce the conflict of the plot along with Peter. Some of the sentences are short. (another apologetic bow)

I’ve never liked hot weather. It causes a strange shimmer in the air, which rises off the stones of the street and all the shop walls. Plus, it makes my clothes stick to my skin, plastering both with sweat. I’ve been assured it gives my cheeks a seductive gleam. Such assurances are less than assuring, when your clothes stick to you. Plus, I like long sleeves and vests. T-shirts, tank tops, and shorts have never appealed to me.

The boy leaning against the Navel’s wall disliked the weather, too. I could tell from the scowl on his face and the sweat dripping off his brow.

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