Waiting for Rebirth

It’s QueerBlogWed! A day to blog about all things queer. Waiting for Rebirth embodies queerness in more than one sense. It feels appropriate to end my first prelude to Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest today.

‘Waiting for Rebirth’ is still hanging on the wall of the Navel. Customers have gotten accustomed to it, if not to me. I do my best to smile at them, make them feel welcome. When they ask about Damian, I tell them he’s gone away.

“Will he be coming back?” The question comes up, again and again. My answer is always the same.

“I hope so.” People don’t come back from the Shadow Forest, but I did. Perhaps Damian can, too, once someone offers him a hand. Mine is open and waiting for him. Sometimes, I stand in front of the painting with my hand stretched out. Most of our customers think I’m a little strange.

Gabrielle is the only one who understands. She’s truly accepted me as her son, showering me with all the affection she can no longer give Damian. She doesn’t like it when I hold out my hand. She doesn’t like ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, either.

I still love the painting, even if it took Damian away. It’s the one part of him left in this world. I keep hoping, if I keep offering my hand to the painting, whatever is left of Damian will accept it. It’s not likely. Damian wanted to enter the Shadow Forest. He has a wish he’s going to follow, down the path of his desire. He’ll confront illusions that’ll try to trap him at every turn. There’s a chance his path could lead him back here, to this Door.

It’s a small chance, I know. I’ll still be waiting here with a hand, ready to pull him out of the shadows and bring him home.

This may be the end of Waiting for Rebirth, but it’s not the end of Tales of the Navel. Far from it. Stay tuned Saturday. I’m going to start a new prelude to this series, Unwilling to Be Yours.

Wondering what happened to Damian? A teaser about his fate will appear shortly at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com. Wait for it…:)

K.S. Trenten, a.k.a. rhodrymavelyne

One thought on “Waiting for Rebirth

  1. Christopher: You left me waiting at the Navel. (sulks)

    Quartz: She does that. (sulks along with the character from another universe)

    (to Quartz) What are even doing here? Get back to the Fairest edits! (to Christopher) I’m not leaving you. Believe me. I plan to pick you up and display you through another character’s eyes in Unwilling to Be Yours.

    Quartz (sarcastically) Don’t you feel special? You get displayed.

    Christopher: (sighs)


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