Waiting for Rebirth

It’s Me Me Monday! A day to strut, promote and celebrate your Me-ness! Or your stories’s Me-ness. 🙂 I promised several Rainbow Snippeteers that Damian would answer Christopher’s question in the next part of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’.  Here is his response…

“The Ashelockes have always revered shadows. They are the sacred spaces within which we can practice dark arts.” Damian offered me a bitter smile. “Aunt Duessa, for instance, traps beautiful boys in cocoons, draining them of their blood. She calls them her ‘Valentines’.”

“Not surprising.” I considered Duessa’s eight arms, eyes, and playful talk of devouring me. “She does seem quite spider like.”

“Oh, she is.” Damian let out a short, strained laugh, “If she has a choice, she likes to play with her prey first, forcing them to play her little games, rituals, and challenges. All of which is very proper for an Ashelocke.” He gave me a sideways glance.“Rescuing someone using light is not.”

Improper. What a petty snub to something as exquisite and mysterious as the stars in the sky.

“Darkness is meaningless without light to illuminate it.” I tried to voice what I’d sensed, responded to the moment Damian stretched out his hand to me. “Yours is beautiful.”

“Is darkness truly meaningless without light?” Damian looked from me to gleaming splashes in the painting. “Is my Door based on something so simple?”

White bled into black, transforming into gray. No, silver. It spread, stretching out its…hand. Yes. Its fingers reached out of the confines of the canvas, seeking Damian, a ghost in this reality. I could hear the rustle of leaves, the whisper of the wind.

“I’ve done it,” Damian widened eyes moist with excitement. “I’ve opened a Door!”


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