Waiting for Rebirth

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For mine, here’s the next part of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. Damian and Christopher pick up right where they left off on Wednesday, noticing a change in ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. All the splashes of white paint on the canvas have begun to shine…

Damian let out a soft gasp. I could see the pale patches coming together in a pattern, forming a path through the color and shadows. Yes, the flecks were flickering, glowing, becoming more distinct by the moment.

“Damian.” I didn’t dare raise my voice above a whisper. “Why was your Aunt Duessa so upset, when I said you used light to pierce shadows?”




9 thoughts on “Waiting for Rebirth

    1. OK, this question haunted me. (rueful grin) Why? I thought giving away the answer too soon was a big spoiler, plus part of the plot of the prelude. Is there a reason you think it should be revealed sooner? I’m not asking to be snarky. I’m genuinely worried that I screwed up. 😦


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