Waiting for Rebirth

It’s QueerBlogWed! A day to blog about all things queer. ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, my prelude to my ‘Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest’ series qualifies as this. Christopher and Damian pick up right where they left off on Monday…

I didn’t want to let go of Damian, or leave him with this bitterness. He was withdrawing from me, pulling away from me.

“This is what you’ve been doing every morning.” I dropped my gaze to my shoes. “Every time I leave the Navel.”

“Sometimes I think this is all I have left here.” Damian stepped away from me. “Questions I can never answer, because it’s not my place to.” He turned towards ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, the little piece of himself, of both of us hanging on the wall.

In the dim light of the shop, streaks of silvery white stood out amidst the paint. They gleamed, shining like a beacon amidst the darkness thickening around us.


One thought on “Waiting for Rebirth

  1. Christopher: No, please, don’t do this to me…

    Me: This will give you your driving goal in ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’. I’m sorry.

    Damian: I’m not. (looking me straight in the eye) Do your worst, author. See how I’ll respond…

    Me: (tries not to shiver)


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