Waiting for Rebirth

It’s QueerBlogWed! Time to blog about all things queer! ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ and its characters are this in every sense of the word. 🙂 Christopher picks up right where he left off with Damian on Monday, sharing this thoughts, his confusion, his inability to understand Hebe…or Gabrielle.

“Why does she keep coming back?” Damian demanded of Gabrielle. “Why does she take cup after cup?”

“She’s searching for something,” Gabrielle said. It was yet another morning. The two of them unpacked another set of cups. I hadn’t realized how many the Navel went through. “These goblets are her way of trying to find it.”

“Aren’t there simpler ways of finding something?” Damian had stared at the cup in the box. This one was a sallow green with a black shadow across it. Much less attractive than the last. “Why is she doing this?”

“Her reasons are her own, Damian,” Gabrielle had said with utter patience and a complete lack of curiousity. It maddened him. “It’s not our place to ask her.”

Not our place. The words echoed Duessa’s own question, mockingly. What exactly was Damian’s place?

Only when he looked at Christopher, looked into his eyes did he sense it. Something cool and colorful, like the skies which always distracted his creation, his model.

Why was everyone so happy with what they had, except for him? Why did Damian keep wanting more?

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