Waiting for Rebirth

It’s Me Me Monday! A day to strut, promote, and celebrate your Me-ness! Only Damian and ‘Brie aren’t celebrating. Not from what Christopher can see of them in Damian’s thoughts and memories…

“Well, another day at the Navel,” Damian quipped, not bothering to keep the sarcasm out of his voice. “What will it be today? Another metal chicken? Maybe one will appear in bone china with a green beak and blue feathers. “

“What a good idea!” Gabrielle grinned back at him. “Maybe you should paint and design one.”

“No one likes my painting or designs.” Damian turned to open a box. “Oh, look, another cup.” He lifted it and inspected it from every angle. “It looks like Hebe has broken another.”

“This means she’ll be needing another,” Gabrielle said. “Please go and unpack these.”

“Why?” Damian demanded. “Hebe will only break this one, like she broke all of the others.” He held it by the handle, dangling it over the floor. “Maybe I should just break it now, get it over with.”

“It won’t do you any good if you do,” Gabrielle said, shaking her head. “Not to mention it will hurt Hebe.”

“Why?” Damian demanded. “How exactly is coming in here, picking up cup after cup, going to help Hebe?”

“That’s for her to decide,” Gabrielle said, tapping a finger against the box. “We just provide the cups.”

“Don’t you get tired of simply providing the cups?” Damian demanded. “Because I am.” He crossed his arms, the cup still dangling from his finger.

“Be careful with that,” Gabrielle warned. “If you break it, there will be consequences.”

“I’d like to see them,” Damian retorted, but he carried the cup out to the shelf. He stared hard at the painted sides, the maiden dancing on the side of it. The design was striking, unique enough to catch Hebe’s eye. It wouldn’t last, though. None of her cups ever lasted, or satisifed her for long.

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