Waiting for Rebirth

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I fear Juno insisted on more than six sentences in the next segment of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. She would have gone on and on in this story, if allowed. (rueful grin) I managed to cut her off, stop her from going any further. She’s not very happy with me right now…(another rueful grin)

Juno was a dangerous woman, for all her round pleasantness and breezy cheer. I could sense the violence simmering within her plump from, whenever she joked about her husband.

“Oh, he’s got a roving eye, that one!” she said, with a wag of her head. “Anything in a skirt, not to mention quite a few things in trousers and he’s off! You’d think he’d learn from some of the examples I’ve made of his conquests!”

“What examples?” I asked. Both Damian and Gabrielle shot me warning looks, but I was curious. Juno’s name tingled in the back of my mind with associations of flowers, shrines, and a faint shiver of fear I’d felt whenever looking at an impassive face of marble loveliness. Just another one of those inexplicable images, which might have been one of my memories, or someone else’s.


16 thoughts on “Waiting for Rebirth

  1. i’m so glad you posted more than six sentences. I love the way you weave myth and some kind of reality. Christopher is coming together before our eyes, being created and spun and is dancing along lost in wonder. I love him. I love them all

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, wow, thank you! (blushes) This compliment didn’t just make my day. (blushes again) It makes all the effort I’ve put into this series worth it! (bows deeply) Thank you! (bows again)


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