Waiting for Rebirth

It’s Me, Me Monday! A day to strut, celebrate, and enjoy your Me-ness! Not to mention promote. 🙂 My own contribution to this Cauldron is another step in Christopher’s journey from ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, prelude to ‘Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest’. Damian’s painting is about to be revealed…

I swallowed and walked towards the canvas, feeling my breath catch in my throat. My feet sank into the grass with a surprisingly reluctance.

Damian didn’t move. He stood as still as a statue, stretching his hand out towards me. Would I come to him? Or would I walk away?

I willed my legs to move, forcing myself to approach his hand. Forcing myself to come closer and see what my creator truly saw in me. Once more, I coaxed my arm into raising itself up, so my fingers could touch my artist’s. His were stained with paint, but I grasped them without hesitation.

We turned together, like partners in a dance to see the boy he’d created on canvas.

He looked nothing like the skinny creature reflected in the mirror. It was as he’d become one with the beautiful sky. My shape had blurred, to include all those wondrous colors overhead, along with a few I hadn’t seen. Never had I beheld anything so magnificent.

“He’s waiting for rebirth.” Damian lowered his eyelashes to shield whatever glimmered behind them. “What do you think?”

“I like your vision much better than my own,” I told him shyly. “It’s a marvelous painting.”

“Well, don’t expect anyone else to agree,” Damian said with a slight wince. “It’s not exactly the sort of thing anyone can understand or enjoy.”

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