Waiting for Rebirth

It’s Me Me Monday! A day to promote, share, and strut one’s me-ness! Once more, I’m doing so through Christopher. He’s experiencing life in a tangible, ‘real’ world after his limbo in the Shadow Forest in a strange little town called Omphalos. He’s getting to know the woman who’s become his mother and the man who’s shaped his existence.

‘Waiting for Rebirth’ is the prelude to ‘Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest’, a series about gender fluid alternative realities and an anti-reality which can be anything you wish. Tarot imagery dominates the landscape.

Christopher picks up right where he left off last Saturday…

I’d wondered at my exclusion during this little preparation ritual. Perhaps Gabrielle and Damian wanted some time to themselves. The thought caused a wistful little ache in my chest. I came to relish my morning walks in the fresh air. The breeze was cool and crisp, never nipping at my flesh and thoughts. If anything, it coaxed them out of my imagination. I luxuriated in the simple act of letting my mind wander. This was something I’d never dared to do in the Shadow Forest. I never knew what might manifest from my free ranging thoughts.

This was the relaxed state of a real world. I had to do something in order to hurt someone or change anything. No matter what I might feel about Damian or Gabrielle, they’d be untouched by it. Not unless I actually did something to them. Such blessed freedom.

Only there was a shadow lying over Omphalos, one I didn’t wish to acknowledge. I wandered the street, looking at shops and cottage, trying to ignore its chill.

Impossible. It loomed over everything, crept over every building, every stone. It tugged at me, willing me to acknowledge.

“All right,” I said, hugging myself through my soft, velvet shirt. I looked up at the hill, in the direction of the cold.

A circle of stones crowned the green mound, keeping solemn watch on the town below. I’d half expected to see a tower perched up there.

“Of course there isn’t,” I said out loud. “I’m down here in the flesh.” I shivered, tightening my arms around myself. No, I didn’t want to go up there. Not ever.

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