Waiting for Rebirth

At last, the other characters have cleared out, going back to pound on my imagination in various ways. If you had a favorite, I’m sure that character will never let me hear the end of it. (groans)

Finally, Christopher is free to return, along with ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. We’ll be returning to the Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday cycle of posting fragments, picking up where we left off in ‘G is for Gabrielle’.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever spell Juno had been casting, ‘Brie had disrupted it. Besides, she might have been just waving her hand. I blinked, trying to recall the difference between the two, for there had been a difference. I cringed, yearning to sink into the shadows for an entirely new reason.

“Ah, but I’d love the opportunity to get to know him better!” Juno cooed. She stretched out her pudgy fingers towards me. Each one of them sported a different ring. “Come here, my sweetmeat, and let me get a better look at you!”

It wasn’t an invitation I particularly wanted to accept. Particularly when she called me ‘sweetmeat’. Some of the tension left my shoulders. I found myself moving forward.

The strangest sense of familiarity washed over me when I looked at Juno’s pudgy face. There were wrinkles under her eyes, folds under her cheeks. They made me think of Duessa’s many eyes, Duessa’s desire to devour me. Such a wish should frighten me, but it didn’t. Neither did this woman.

I reached out my own hands, allowing her to take them. It didn’t matter if she did. I’d already allowed my hand to be claimed.

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