Y is for Yuri

I’m here as promised for ‘Y for Yuri’. Not that I’m at ease, exposed in this Cauldron. I shall share a snippet of story from our author’s Work in Progress, ‘A Portrait Is Worth a Thousand Words’ in the hopes that she shall complete it. Perhaps I shall be finally delivered from the agony of suspence and fear to the bliss of a Happily Ever After. Or at least a Happily For Now. There’s always the chance our tale will be all terror, delivering us all to a nighmarish fate. May our author’s eye avoid such a submission. (shudders)

I wish I could draw you, Wess. Just having your likeness would be a comfort to me. Everything I sketch turns into her. That woman. The one I keep seeing out of the corner of my eye. The phantom I imagine at the window. My hated rival for your heart has become my stalker.

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