V is for Vanessa

What are all of you doing here? I suppose you may look upon me. I doubt you have many opportunities to behold a true arachnocrat. Take a moment to bask in my beauty, but no longer. I don’t feast lightly upon just anyone. I save myself for my marriage feasts, which are banquets unlike any other. I’m anticipating a particularly tasty one. In truth, I’m getting a little impatient, waiting for my bridegroom to accept my suit. Here’s a little of the poor, delectable fool trying to stand in my way in ‘My Tool, My Treasure’, a WIP our author needs to hurry up and finish. Really, I’m getting quite impatient with her as well!

“Such beautiful eyes, just like my own.” Vanessa stared at my face with a hunger which made me tremble. I longed to run away, or walk away, but I didn’t. Others were watching. How I reaced would determine how I was treated.

“My eyes are nothing like yours.” I looked Vanessa straight in the eye. She had only six of them, not eight. She might be an Ashelocke and an arachnocrat, but she took liberties, speaking to Duessa Ashelocke’s nephew in such a fashion. “I was born with this color. You stole yours.”

The boys watched released their collective breath in a hiss. I wondered how many of them remembered Dyvian. Everyone said he’d been honored to be Vanessa’s marriage feast, but no one looked you in the eye when they did.


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