U is for Una

Greetings, sweet visitors! I am Una, faithful minion of the Lady Duessa Ashelocke. What else could I be, given these weathered wings and needle sharp teeth? She changed me into a creature with very special needs, a service I seek to repay her for, yes, indeed. See for yourself how I move about the lady’s household, searching for vulnerabilities in those closest to her in ‘My Tool, My Treasure’. Warning, this is a WIP. Our author is still piecing together this story, just as I’m piecing together my schemes.

Let Duessa see her weakness. Let the spider think her trapped fly was broken.

Una was no longer a helpless human maiden at the mercy of a witch. Duessa herself had transformed her into something more. Now, Una had a secret stinger, which she could use only once. Using him would destroy Una, but it would allow her to strike at her heart of her enemy.

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