T is for Troile

Well met, readers! I am Troile, Prince of Troy, child of heroes and gods. I’m here to share a snippet of a tale of the mightiest of the Achaens, to reveal a love which burned forbidden between two foes. Two foes, forced to conceal themselves behind skirts and to cross swords. Taste my passion which swirled in Ganymede’s cup within this story in progress, ‘Aissa and Polyxena’.

“Look upon him,” the boy said. He dropped his gaze to the goblet in his hand, compelling mine to follow. “Look upon the one who would steal your life, as well as your heart.”

The ripples smoothed in what might have been water, wine, or a mixture of both. A face stared back from its depths, a face which was not my own. Heat rushed to my cheeks, as I met that smouldering blue gaze. Truly, the young man’s eyes might burn themselves out of their sockets. Such passion was too much for mortal orbs to contain.

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