R is for Rhodry

Err, hello. Welcome to the Cauldron. I’m Rhodry, a character who’s been in my author’s imagination since the 1990s. I’ve appeared in various guises in roleplaying games, landed a major part of an interactive writing project called the Keep, a yaoi fantasy story where different authors combined their characters and their talents. The Keep project was inspired by a novel my author started working on in the 1990s, which she’s resurrecting as ‘Trouble in Caerac Keep’. Here’s a little moment with the new me, which appears in this story.

My fingers flexed, looking for something to grip, to distract them. Like a book’s cover, only there were no books here. Books were so much easier to deal with than people. Oh, how I longed to be back in the Library! To hide within the stacks from all shocked stares and angry mumbles.

“At least they’re just mumbles.” I could almost hear Daeric saying that in the back of my mind. “The only way to deal with the world is to face it.”

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