Q is for Questioning

Are we having a good day or a bad day? Forgive me, but I’m Questioning. By name as well as by nature. Once, I called myself Sister Magdalene. This was before I started to question everything; faith, my gender, my friends, the very wrap and weave of the world. Reality unraveled around me, becoming a series of possibilities. Looking after Kyra, my little golden serpent keeps me grounded, but I can’t rely too much on her. I must be strong for her in turn. To do this, I must face a former friend, one who knew by another name. Daeric Nevalyn is having trouble getting used to the new me. I’m still getting used to the new me. Just see how Daeric Nevalyn reacts in this sample of ‘A Suitor’s Challenge’.

“I thought I was an old friend of yours.”

“Magdalene was my friend. Perhaps my closest friend other than the twin who was taken from me.” Daeric looked down at her from several floors above. “This was before you put everything about her into flux.”

“I was no longer comfortable as Magdalene.” Questioning moved along the ledge to find the next flight of stairs. “For once, your mother is not to blame. My own flesh felt wrong.”

“You have the most beautiful flesh I’ve ever seen,” Daeric murmured. He looked down at his hand, at the ring on his finger. “I’d wager Kyra gets her courage from you.”


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