P is for Peter

Why, hello there, you lovely readers! Welcome to the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration, where I’m more than happy to inspire you all! (winks) I’m Peter, a later addition to the Navel. You probably haven’t met me yet. Still stuck with Damian in ‘Waiting for Rebirth’? (shakes his head) I feel your pain. Perhaps it’s time to alleviate it with someone a little more fun. Someone like me. (winks again) Here’s a little bit of ‘Unwilling to Be Yours’, but believe me, I’m determined to change to change his mind. It’s from the perspective of yours truly.

“Why anyone would enjoy hot weather is beyond me!”

“I quite agree,” I said, deciding to take a step closer to him. After all, I could just pretend he was talking to me. “There are far more agreeable ways in which to sweat.”

The boy nearly jumped out of his skin. His violet eyes, which were already too big for his heart shaped face got even wider.

Perhaps my joke had been a bit coarse for this shy little blossom, for that’s exactly what he seemed like to me at the time.


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