O is for Ouroboros

I am Ouroboros, the World Serpent. When the creatrix breathed life into the void, she shaped me. I became a part of everything. My creatrix looked upon this and felt the first stirring of desiring. She coupled with me, creating more life. Either that, or I shattered, broke myself into aspects. I have so many beginnings, so many stories. It gets confusing. This is why I have avatars. To make sense of immenseness which is me.

Alas, I’m at the mercy of those avatars, such as Nevalyn, my little golden serpent. I wonder if she realizes how much she is at the beck and call of those who worship her and revile her? In the end, our children are the ones who decide what to do with us, with the gifts we bestow upon them. We can only watch while they make their choices. She cannot accept this. See how life reacts through these small vessels in this story wrapped in the coils of creation, ‘A Suitor’s Challenge’.

“Again, you mention Ouroboros, the World Serpent.” Questioning reached the next level. She was only three flights below Daeric. “The one name your mother never allowed anyone to say.” She paused for a moment to take a deep breath and question. “Why?”

The walls, the books, everything around let out a low, rumbling hiss. Someone or something in this tower didn’t like that word.

Questioning shook her head. To question everything was her calling. A library should be capable of handling this. “I thought Ouroboros was nothing, but an old legend.”

“Legend or truth? It all depends on your perspective,” Daeric said. He raised his head looking down at his empire of books. “Mother desired to become the Serpent itself. She succeeded, but only became one aspect of It. This was why she tried to remove all traces of Its name.” He lowered his eyelashes. “Even speaking of Ouroboros was forbidden. Xian and Zenobia, the Serpent’s eager disciples, never learned there was more to the Serpent than Mother.”


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