N is for Nevalyn

Why, hello there, little readers. Come to look up the Serpent? How very brave of you. Few dare to do so. Even fewer can manage to contain me in their hearts.

One young girl is trying very hard to do so, poor thing. She’s of my blood, so she’s better at it than most mortals. Alas, she’s only mortal. Kyra could be so much more, if she’d only open up and let me in. Watch while she foolishly struggles against me in ‘A Suitor’s Challenge’.

The angry darkness waited to swallow me, accompanied by a hunger fierce enough to rip through my skin and swallow the world. Lust for knowledge, lust of experience, lust for life, it would gulp up anything. Everything.

“Not it,” I whispered. “She.” I huddle onto the ground, feeling the echo of the churning within my head and in my belly. She’s not there. Not any more. Stefan took her away, right before she took Stefan.

Where was he? What had She done with him?


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