L is for ‘Lyssa

It’s pleasure to see you all here. I’m ‘Lyssa. I’ve taken many forms over the years in my writer’s imagination. In one universe, I was the muse who inspired Amberwyne to perform her very best while drinking every drop. In another universe, I was the arrogant human figurehead of House Mavelyne. Now, I’m a dream, a wish, a desire shaping within Melyssa Ashelocke under Seraphix’s influence. Poor little Mel. Let’s see what she’s making of me in ‘A Godling for Your Thoughts?’ while little Dayell shares her vision…

“‘Lyssa,” Seraphix murmured in Mel’s ear. She ran a slow, seeking hand down the woman’s side. The gesture made Mel seem sleeker, more graceful herself.

Less like Mel.

“What?” Mel murmured. Somewhere between dreams and reality, she was no longer quite coherent. A red, pulsing light played in her eyes turning them an even bloodier rose than Damian’s.


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