D is for Damian

Welcome to the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration. If you’ve been visiting in March, you already know who I am. (smiles enigmatically) Perhaps you’d like to get to know me better? Ah, but it’s much sweeter to see me through Christopher’s eyes. Not to mention I’m curious what’s going to happen next in ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. This is why I’m going to pick up right where Christopher left off yesterday. This snippet begins with my name, after all. I don’t need to acutally be present in it, do I? (smile grows)

“I saw Damian the other day and guess who he had with him?”

“My guess is Christopher?” Gabrielle asked. She took Juno’s appearance completely in stride. My new mother moved to intercept her customer, while blocking the customer’s path to me. ‘Brie didn’t have much faith in my ability to handle this one. “I see I don’t need to introduce my son to you?”

“Oh, no need, no need,” Juno said, a little deflated at Gabrielle’s accuracy. “Damian introduced us, the dear boy.” Our customer rallied a moment later. “Ah, but you’re a naughty girl, ‘Brie!” She waved a pudgy finger in my direction. “I never knew you were married, let alone had such a lovely son!”


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