B is for Byron

Good morning, my readers. I’m Byron, not the actual poet Byron, but a humble ward of the Church of Paradise, seeking power through the name of the poet. Here’s a little snippet from either ‘Trouble in Paradise’ or ‘On the Other Side of the Mask’. These two tales were originally one story. Our author is still deciding whether to maintain the divide. ‘Trouble in Paradise’ telling of our beginnings, Shelley’s and mine, in claiming the names of two famous poets from another world and realty. It becomes a part of our growing stand against the hungry power which drains the strength and spirit from the City of Paradise. ‘On the Other Side of the Mask’ is about our time as the caged pets of Ruthvyn, pale lord of Paradise, and what we find lying behind his mask.

“Why Byron?” The soft question wormed its way into his ear, through the silence of other breathing children, tucked away in their beds.

Byron turned over in his small cot. Of course Shelley was lying in the cot next to him. Of course Shelley had asked that question. He remembered only too well sneaking up to the attic, to look at the discarded remains of books of forgotten poetry, Shelley trailing behind him. Up there in among the dusty shelves, they’d discovered the original Byron from the world outside paradise.


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